Shell Game

Wherin the phrase "Combat? I've read about this in a book before!" is uttered.

Behind the scened again for this one before we get going. There was a bit of a break between this and the last adventure. Finals, break, and new schedules made for a bit of a delay, and a few members having to leave the party. Also, the PHB2 happened and two characters wanted to play something from that instead. Specifically, the warlock and the cleric. So the party now consists of a Sorcerer, an Avenger, the Dwarf Warlord and the pair of Catfolk. While the party size is a bit more reasonable now, there is nobody to go up and take the beatings, though there are plenty of people who can give out severe dismemberment at a moment’s notice…

We rejoin the party in the grove, awaiting for some Gatekeeper druids to come and kill thier faces off if they can’t give a good reason for the gate being gone. They don’t have to wait long, though what happens isn’t what they expected. The hedge parts and an Orc walks through, along with two other people. I hadn’t grabbed a mini for these people and just used a few little things to represent them. One player comments that those people must not be important, as they don’t have a real mini. I chuckle as I inform them that those are thier new characters (the sorcerer and the avenger) and to give me thier damn minis!

The orc introduces himself as Streklar and he left them the note about the shard. He hadn’t expected to have to meet them so soon, but the ward was damaged even more than he had thought if a simple mundane fiddling could unravel the gateway. However accidental it was though, the party must fix this. He tells them to travel to Oalian, the Archdruid of the Wardens of the Wood. He also asks the warlock and cleric to stay behind and aid him in preparing the area for the gateway seed. Total plot way to get rid of the old characters and introduce the new ones.

The new characters are related to the old ones. The sorcerer is the brother of the warlock and the avenger is his good friend.

The Party then procedes toword Varna, the ecconomic capital of the Eldeen Reaches. A random encounter of no importance happens on the way and they reach the town at dusk. Lazy guards greet them and reccomend a local inn for the night. The more perceptive members of the party notice ape like creatures in the shadows not far from the guards. When they inform the guards, the guards tell them those are magebreed war gorillas. The party gives odd looks to the guards and procede to the Inn.

They then manage to anoy me into tossing assassins at them They get ambushed in the middle of the night by assassins seeking the shard of shiny that the catfolk carry. The Sorcerer then says “Combat? I’ve read about this in a book before!” before unleashing wildmagic on the foes and the party readily beats down the would be assassins. They then politely request a new room and quietly remove the corpses from the old one.

The session ends here as the party rests from the assassination attempt and everyone is around lv 3 now.

In which the party must solve puzzles and break the fabric of reality

The Party resumes play at the hedgewall, and a nature or history check reveals this is a grove belonging to the Gatekeeper druids. They are a sect devoted to wards that keep the realm of madness at bay.

They play with pollenating flowers untill a propper color is found, but not before the local cleric decides to try to hack his way through the hedge. He gets hit by something nasty and decides playing with flowers is a more prudent idea. They must then mix and match varrious produce to make something tasty for each statue of a certain insect in thier way. This they did with relative ease and application of logic.

They then decide they hate logic for the next puzzle; one with several pedestals, a few statuines and a smell of decay in the area. They try to skip and tell me they try all combinations, which earns a hearty laugh and a stern “No”. Of all people, one of the catfolk figures it out and places the things on the pedestals in the correct order.

The hedge sepperates to reveal the very center of the grove, where stands a withered archway of willow and vine that is emenating Shadowfell. At This point they party abandoned all common sense and the wizard and swordmade proceded ahead to see about the gate. They party is then nicely split for the supprise round that the black dragon gets. After a suitably epic strugle (though not as one-sided as the needlefang incident), the party emerges triumphant. Everyone trained in arcana starts playing with the dragon corpse and forgets to keep an eye on the more curious of the catfolk. She then wanders up to the gateway and happily announces her intention to fix the interplanar gateway with her newly trained thievery skill.

I again mentally set the DC at a natural 20, which is then rolled. A brief moment of thought and I, the DM, laugh my evil laugh. The person who has no idea how magic works just got something to happen to a magical thing that was hanging on my it’s fingernails. The result? The gateway collapses and the casters look up from the dragon carrion and realize that something monumentally bad just happened.

Obviously, I had nothing planed for this contingency and we call it at this point for the night.

In which the party mistakes the Paladin for somebody playing around with Shadowfell magics

The party gather spitting drakes without much incident, and continue to gather guard drakes as well. The Elf (which I said was a ranger earlier but is a cleric), then procedes to try to tame one of the guard drakes after a nature check shows thay make good, well, guardians and pets. I had silently set the DC at a natural 20, which he then proceded to roll and have a fun pet. The party then sets thier sights on the most impressive of the drakes, the massive Rage Drake! The encounter goes smoothly and the damn Cleric gets another natural 20 to tame the thing. Incidently, this is why I keep thinking he’s a ranger.

After getting thier fill of shiny, they grudgingly go after the plot (which only the warlock is aware of at this point), and only because a streetwise check revealed somebody had recently gone missing deep in the woods. They manage to track the person but find a corpse. And two shadowdrakes and something humaniod that whispers “Alistair” as they fight. The Paladin’s name, by the way, is Alister, with an e. The only people who hear the whispering are lacking in inteligence and promptly ask the Paladin how they knew the deceased. This hilarious missunderstanding of names had the party nicely confused for sessions to come and was very amusing to watch.

After the fight with the shadows, they find a pactblade was used to murder the poor hunter, and that perhaps “sacrifice” would be a better word. The casters in the group notice that the taint of Shadowfell seems to be spreading. After returning the body to town for a propper burial, the party starts heading for the source of the taint. After a good nights rest at the local inn.

They awake with a letter left under thier door that instructs them to keep the shard safe and secret. Mild confusion ensues untill they remember the supposedly abolony shell and finally inspect the damn thing. Inspections reveal it is almost certainly an egg shell, but it’s color and apparent size leave them guessing as to what could have laid it.

The Party then heads off to track the taint, and a skill challenge followed by an encounter or two leaves this session with the party looking at a hedgewall with odd flower arangements outside.

In which there is almost a TPK and the party gets large enough to form a small town

This part begins with the party returning to Quarion with many Spiredrakes and eggs. They discover they were not the only group to have been sent to gather drakes and the party increases by a pair of Catfolk (homegrown for 4e), both rangers (one melle and one ranged), and a Drow Swordmage. The Catfolk found a shiny bit of what appears to be abolony shell and keep the shiny. For those counting, the party size is an astounding 8 members strong at this point.

They negotiate with Quarion and are soon sent out to thier doom gather as many needlefang drakes as they can manage. After a skill challenge and another random encounter (Shadowhunter Bats *coughplotpointcough *), they find the things. 3 swarms of them, in fact.

A little behind the sceenes before the encounter, needlefangs are a swarm in the monster manual, and are a lv2 thing. The party is 8 strong and all are lv 2 at this point, and I figure this should only be a mild speedbump before they collect thier pay. How wrong I was…

To cut a long story short, several party members get hit with natural 20s from the swarms and go straight to death, no save for you! Just as the remaining 4 or 5 prepair to GTFO, the wizard remembers she has sleep and uses it on the swarms. She hits and they all fail thier saves (no DM fiat, they all failed it), and the survivers stuff the needlefangs into carriers and head off to get paid and get thier friends revived at the local temple. I think several of them got needlefang fobias from that incident.

At the temple, the warlock mentions an encounter with shadowhunter bats to the local priestess. She seems concerned about that, as shadowhunters hang out in places where the Shadowfell is close to this plane, and the Drakewood should not be one of these places. The warlock offers to investigate, and promptly forgets to inform the rest of the party.

Payment from Quarion is slightly more than what was paid to resurect the fallen friends. The Catfolk turned on the waterworks at the temple and got a stupid high diplomacy to reduce the price. Quarion is ready for another type of drake: Spitting drakes. They negotiate a price and prepare to head out on the next session.

The adventure begins

This wil be the continuing adventures of the Party. I like to call with first part “Dwarf’s Hell”, as the only dwarf if surrounded by elvish fey of differing types.

The party starts with an Elf Ranger, a half-Elf warlock, an Eladrin Wizard, an Eladrin Paladin, and a Dwarf Warlord.

Unfortunatly, I ignored this Adventure log and much of the details of the adventure are lost to the ravages of time on my memory. Remembered Highlights include the Dwarf hanging upside-down from a cliff as Spiredrakes dive and slash at him, one Spiredrake braining itself as it tried to swoop through something with only one entrance while trying to steal some shiny.

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