Shell Game

In which there is almost a TPK and the party gets large enough to form a small town

This part begins with the party returning to Quarion with many Spiredrakes and eggs. They discover they were not the only group to have been sent to gather drakes and the party increases by a pair of Catfolk (homegrown for 4e), both rangers (one melle and one ranged), and a Drow Swordmage. The Catfolk found a shiny bit of what appears to be abolony shell and keep the shiny. For those counting, the party size is an astounding 8 members strong at this point.

They negotiate with Quarion and are soon sent out to thier doom gather as many needlefang drakes as they can manage. After a skill challenge and another random encounter (Shadowhunter Bats *coughplotpointcough *), they find the things. 3 swarms of them, in fact.

A little behind the sceenes before the encounter, needlefangs are a swarm in the monster manual, and are a lv2 thing. The party is 8 strong and all are lv 2 at this point, and I figure this should only be a mild speedbump before they collect thier pay. How wrong I was…

To cut a long story short, several party members get hit with natural 20s from the swarms and go straight to death, no save for you! Just as the remaining 4 or 5 prepair to GTFO, the wizard remembers she has sleep and uses it on the swarms. She hits and they all fail thier saves (no DM fiat, they all failed it), and the survivers stuff the needlefangs into carriers and head off to get paid and get thier friends revived at the local temple. I think several of them got needlefang fobias from that incident.

At the temple, the warlock mentions an encounter with shadowhunter bats to the local priestess. She seems concerned about that, as shadowhunters hang out in places where the Shadowfell is close to this plane, and the Drakewood should not be one of these places. The warlock offers to investigate, and promptly forgets to inform the rest of the party.

Payment from Quarion is slightly more than what was paid to resurect the fallen friends. The Catfolk turned on the waterworks at the temple and got a stupid high diplomacy to reduce the price. Quarion is ready for another type of drake: Spitting drakes. They negotiate a price and prepare to head out on the next session.



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