Shell Game

In which the party must solve puzzles and break the fabric of reality

The Party resumes play at the hedgewall, and a nature or history check reveals this is a grove belonging to the Gatekeeper druids. They are a sect devoted to wards that keep the realm of madness at bay.

They play with pollenating flowers untill a propper color is found, but not before the local cleric decides to try to hack his way through the hedge. He gets hit by something nasty and decides playing with flowers is a more prudent idea. They must then mix and match varrious produce to make something tasty for each statue of a certain insect in thier way. This they did with relative ease and application of logic.

They then decide they hate logic for the next puzzle; one with several pedestals, a few statuines and a smell of decay in the area. They try to skip and tell me they try all combinations, which earns a hearty laugh and a stern “No”. Of all people, one of the catfolk figures it out and places the things on the pedestals in the correct order.

The hedge sepperates to reveal the very center of the grove, where stands a withered archway of willow and vine that is emenating Shadowfell. At This point they party abandoned all common sense and the wizard and swordmade proceded ahead to see about the gate. They party is then nicely split for the supprise round that the black dragon gets. After a suitably epic strugle (though not as one-sided as the needlefang incident), the party emerges triumphant. Everyone trained in arcana starts playing with the dragon corpse and forgets to keep an eye on the more curious of the catfolk. She then wanders up to the gateway and happily announces her intention to fix the interplanar gateway with her newly trained thievery skill.

I again mentally set the DC at a natural 20, which is then rolled. A brief moment of thought and I, the DM, laugh my evil laugh. The person who has no idea how magic works just got something to happen to a magical thing that was hanging on my it’s fingernails. The result? The gateway collapses and the casters look up from the dragon carrion and realize that something monumentally bad just happened.

Obviously, I had nothing planed for this contingency and we call it at this point for the night.



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