Shell Game

In which the party mistakes the Paladin for somebody playing around with Shadowfell magics

The party gather spitting drakes without much incident, and continue to gather guard drakes as well. The Elf (which I said was a ranger earlier but is a cleric), then procedes to try to tame one of the guard drakes after a nature check shows thay make good, well, guardians and pets. I had silently set the DC at a natural 20, which he then proceded to roll and have a fun pet. The party then sets thier sights on the most impressive of the drakes, the massive Rage Drake! The encounter goes smoothly and the damn Cleric gets another natural 20 to tame the thing. Incidently, this is why I keep thinking he’s a ranger.

After getting thier fill of shiny, they grudgingly go after the plot (which only the warlock is aware of at this point), and only because a streetwise check revealed somebody had recently gone missing deep in the woods. They manage to track the person but find a corpse. And two shadowdrakes and something humaniod that whispers “Alistair” as they fight. The Paladin’s name, by the way, is Alister, with an e. The only people who hear the whispering are lacking in inteligence and promptly ask the Paladin how they knew the deceased. This hilarious missunderstanding of names had the party nicely confused for sessions to come and was very amusing to watch.

After the fight with the shadows, they find a pactblade was used to murder the poor hunter, and that perhaps “sacrifice” would be a better word. The casters in the group notice that the taint of Shadowfell seems to be spreading. After returning the body to town for a propper burial, the party starts heading for the source of the taint. After a good nights rest at the local inn.

They awake with a letter left under thier door that instructs them to keep the shard safe and secret. Mild confusion ensues untill they remember the supposedly abolony shell and finally inspect the damn thing. Inspections reveal it is almost certainly an egg shell, but it’s color and apparent size leave them guessing as to what could have laid it.

The Party then heads off to track the taint, and a skill challenge followed by an encounter or two leaves this session with the party looking at a hedgewall with odd flower arangements outside.



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